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Write a list to a cell in Excel using Python

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I would like to write a list of lists : k = [['1','a'],['2','b'],['3','c']] – to a cell in a Python excel sheet.

My code:

workbook = xlsxwriter.Workbook('names.xlsx')
worksheet = workbook.add_worksheet()
worksheet.write('A1', 'Generic Name')

I have tried:
worksheet.write_row('B1', allmajor)
which causes the contents the list k to be written in separate cells (B1, C1, D1..).

Doing: worksheet.write('B1', ','.join(k)) causes the cotnents of cell B1 to have strings like – '1','a','2','b','3','c'

Is there any way in which I can write a list to a cell such that cell B1 looks like [['1','a'],['2','b'],['3','c']]? Is there any other module in Python that can facilitate this?

How to&Answers:

You can use the built-in function repr which gives a string representation of the list object:

worksheet.write('B1', repr(k))

At python prompt you can see how it works:

>>> k = [['1','a'],['2','b'],['3','c']]
>>> k
[['1', 'a'], ['2', 'b'], ['3', 'c']]
>>> repr(k)
"[['1', 'a'], ['2', 'b'], ['3', 'c']]"
>>> print(repr(k))
[['1', 'a'], ['2', 'b'], ['3', 'c']]

In the case of your simple list structure, you could just cast it to a string as well like str(k) but repr is probably better for this case.


You can take care of this by converting your list of list to string. For example

>>import pandas as pd
>>df=pd.DataFrame({'a':[str(list1), str(list2)]]})

Now when you save it in a comma separated format,each element will be treated as a string. When you read this back from file, you can use ast to convert it back into a list of lists.

>>import ast
>>[ast.literal_eval(i) for i in df['a']]

Hope this answers your question.