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writing some characters like '<' in an xml file

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since the beginning of my programmation, I used some special character like “<-“, “”<<” im my string.xml in Eclipse while developping for Android.

All worked fine for one year, but today, i just wanted to make some minor changes and began to edit my xml files.

I get now compilation error on these characters because eclipse believe it’s part of the xml blocks.

Any idea on how I could add this symbol “<” in my xml files?

Thank a lot.



&lt; for <

&gt; for >

&amp; for &


Another way to insert special character follow Moss guide: How can I write character & in android strings.xml by used Unicode definition:


<string name="item_unknown">\u003c Item Unknown \u003e</string>

which present in string :

< Item Unknown >


I stumbled upon this question, as I use HTML markup in my strings.

If you refer to the Android String Resources documentation,
in the section:
“Styling with HTML markup”
you will see that in strings.xml, you need to use &amplt; for an opening bracket, but you can safely use backslash and a closing bracket. For example:


can be written as:


in your strings.xml.

If using this HTML string in your code, you can use:

Html.fromHtml( getResources().getString(R.string.yourHTMLString ) 

and the output will be your bold string!