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xlm – What does the FORMULA.FILL function do in Excel Macros?

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I’m translating some functions written in excel XLM macros into VBA. One of the functions called within the macro I’m currently translating is FORMULA.FILL. I cannot seem to find any documentation of what this function does. Could anyone provide detail about this function–its parameters, what it does, its output, etc.?


Some more context…

=ALERT("Are you sure you want to Extract and Export Baseline Data?",1)
=WORKBOOK.ACTIVATE("Baseline export")
=WORKBOOK.ACTIVATE("Baseline export")
=WORKBOOK.UNHIDE("Baseline Export")
=FORMULA.FILL("",'baseline export'!A2:C1000)
=COUNTA('baseline export'!D:D)-1
=FORMULA.FILL("Snapshot",OFFSET('baseline export'!A1,1,0,F17,1))
=FORMULA.FILL(Domain,OFFSET('baseline export'!B1,1,0,F17,1))
=FORMULA.FILL(Project,OFFSET('baseline export'!C1,1,0,F17,1))
=MATCH(Current_Reporting_Date,'baseline export'!D:D,0)
=IF(NOT(ISNA(F25)),FORMULA("Month",OFFSET('baseline export'!A1,Macro1!F25-1,0,1,1)))
=WORKBOOK.ACTIVATE("baseline export")

=FORMULA.FILL("",'baseline export'!A2:KX1000)
=WORKBOOK.HIDE("baseline export")
=WORKBOOK.ACTIVATE("export baseline")

=ALERT("Baseline exported to Excel file: "&BaselineExportFilename,3)
=ALERT("… be sure to update your baseline-export-list .txt file and use your DataDrill Collector to upload the baseline export Excel file to the Database.",3)

How to&Answers:

=FORMULA.FILL("",'baseline export'!A2:C1000)

The function above places “” (nothing) in cells A2:C1000 on sheet baseline export.

Basically, it is clearing out those cells.

FORMULA.FILL was the function that was used when you wanted to put data or formulas into cells.