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zend framework – php setcookie vs Zend_Http_Cookie

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Why this code not working, and how can I make it works like


The code that not create cookie:

$cookie=new Zend_Http_Cookie('cookie_name','cookie_value','.google.com');

Or what difference between:



$cookie=new Zend_Http_Cookie('cookie_name','cookie_value','.google.com');


How to&Answers:

Zend_Http_Cookie is not for setting cookies, it is a companion class for Zend_Http_Client. Let’s say you wanted to screen scape some content off a site but that content is only available if you are logged in. You could use Zend_Http_Client to post your credentials to the login form, the server would then send back a session cookie. You could then include this session cookie in a subsequent request to the page you want to scrape in order to simulate a logged in user viewing that page.

To set cookies in ZF you can just use the native PHP function, or possibly store the data in the session instead.