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zend framework – PHP Traits naming convention?

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What is the naming convention for using traits in a Zend Framework project?

My_Form_Element_Traits or My_Form_Element_Trait?

I am thinking plural as it’s a collection of methods and properties, however on the other hand it is one trait.

I also thought that maybe there are different traits I want to use so maybe it should be My_Form_Element_Traits_Preference

What is the best practice hear to this new feature?

How to&Answers:

You might be interested in what convention is used by PHP-FIG:

And in my opinion, even when you use ZF1, you shouldn’t follow this convention. I recommend you to use PSR-2


Here You when You use _ it will be replace in backhand by forward slash(/) so here you can make one base class for that other for multi trait you extend that main base traits i think it’s suitable or it’s good practice because here code duplication we dis allow you migh be also see example of pagination in zend library you can see it